🎉Middesk partners with Socure to automate KYB and KYC compliance processes end-to-end

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We power trust between businesses

At Middesk, we're building the infrastructure layer to quickly form trusted business relationships. We believe reducing these barriers enables our customers to grow faster, safer, and smarter.

Our story
We started by understanding the fundamental issues with business data. In the process, we witnessed first-hand the downstream effects and resulting challenges for businesses across payments, insurance, lending, and credit. Today, we're focused on providing deep contextual information on any business, helping these companies onboard faster and efficiently reduce risk.
Our identity
We're a team of problem solvers. We value curiosity, empathy, and diverse perspectives. We're excited about the scope of the problems we're working to solve. We look at problems based on first principles and prefer learning by doing. We have a diverse background and set of skills, but we're all passionate about our craft, the hobbies we keep, and the relationships we build.
Help us power trust between businesses
At Middesk, you'll help build the infrastructure for every business to work together faster, safer, and more reliably. We believe in people that want to tackle challenging problems, with large scope and minimal precedent.
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