Find government certified small, economically, and socially disadvantaged businesses to support

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The holistic solution to identifying any business

Whether you’re looking to onboard businesses for payment processing, issue lines of credit, or simply open a new commercial account, we can help you do it all with a toolkit designed for modern companies.

An intelligent perspective on business identity

There is a lot of information out there and it can be hard to know what to trust and how to interpret it. We identify the relevant information about a businesses and present it to you in an easy to logical, easy to understand format.

Reliable, actionable business rules

Information about a business changes constantly. Our data approach prioritizes fresh and complete coverage, meaning you can build trusted and reliable business rules on top of them. Finally: Trusted data.

Bonafide data straight from the source

We source all of our data directly from primary sources. The most up-to-date, high coverage business data available on the market. No dependencies on legacy data aggregators.

Employer ID Number

Tax IDs matched through the IRS TIN matching program


Up-to-date license statuses, available from every state


Enriched, mapped, and registered business addresses


Corporate officers and directors, in aggregate


Formation state, date, and company type

Social Profiles

One profile for their broader social presence


Ownership, history, and legitimacy of a company website

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