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True Industry

The best way to know what every customer does

Understanding what a business actually does can be an endlessly complicated task. Middesk provides front- and back-end tools to ensure you understand exactly what your customers and partners do, make, or sell.

Get results you can trust

An intuitive experience for customers to self identify their industry. Behind the scenes tools to flag high-risk businesses, products, and services. The granular details and coverage you need without any manual reviews.

Cannabis and Related Services
Regulated or Illegal Activities
Drug Paraphernalia
Virtual Currency
Social Media Activity
Select a business description to view results
An electronic cannabis vaporizer company
A digital cryptocurrency exchange
A pornographic video sharing site

Simplify your onboarding

Use our API to auto-populate recommended industries or drop our SDK into your onboarding flow to have compliant industry classification in minutes.

Backend Validation

Leverage our proprietary machine learning algorithm to identify exactly what your customers do, make, or sell, based on their web presence.

Designed for Compliance

Easily map industry selections to popular standards for industry classification. Validate selections using the back-end industry classification tool.

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