Ramp up customer onboarding

Middesk helps companies onboard their clients faster by streamlining middle office processes. Use Middesk to capture, verify, and monitor business credentials for contractual and regulatory compliance.


Make due diligence work for you

Middesk centralizes your credentialing process, enabling your team to accelerate the start of a customer journey.

Enable Smarter Workflows

Onboarding customers is hard enough without worrying about meeting all of your compliance and credentialing requirements. Middesk is focused on helping to get your customers approved for production access as quickly as possible.

  • Skip the back-and-forth — Middesk saves you from having to manage your own processes for requesting, capturing, and reviewing required information and documents from your clients.
  • Focus on what's next — We’ll help you prioritize the most important tasks required for getting your clients live.
  • Offload your repetitive work — Leverage our tools to help automate the most manual and repetitive tasks like document review and annotation.

Unlock Proactive Compliance

There is a lot of messy data out there about your customers. By using Middesk to centralize formation, risk, and compliance data, your teams will be able to review and take decision on businesses faster than ever.

  • Data from the source — Middesk leverages primary data-sources such as the IRS and Secretary of State to return the most complete and up-to-date information possible about business formations and due diligence.
  • Listen and learn — By incorporating data monitoring into our processes, we will notify you of changes to important business information such as registration status, lawsuits, and other relevant information.
  • Automated alerts — We’ll be on the lookout for important compliance dates and events and let you know if there’s action required to make sure you stay in compliance.

Fully Integrate the Office

Being able to seamlessly integrate the steps between your front and back office tools is important. With the Middesk API, trigger the right workflow at the right time.

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