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by modern Compliance teams

Everything you need to know about every business

Middesk provides infrastructure for businesses to establish trusted relationships. We enable high-growth businesses to manage risk and compliance at scale, with minimal friction.

Do more than just manage risk

By addressing the industry-wide coverage and accuracy challenges, we enable risk and compliance teams to focus on tasks to drive the business forward.

Accelerate onboarding

Complete and recent data allows you to increase verification rates and automate with confidence.

Minimize risk

A blend of people and systems guarantees you to have a more complete picture of every business.

Increase efficiency

Intuitive workflows make review and interpretation of business information fast and seamless.

Best-in-Class data quality

As an extension of your team, our in-house experts are here to ensure we return only accurate and complete reports.

Human in the loop

Data is not perfect, which is why we have a team of experts who work to ensure that every report we provide is accurate and complete.

Data integrity

We are the only provider designed from the ground up with an emphasis on the accuracy, completeness, and recency of our product.

Our products

Designed for developers

Identity and risk solutions are built with the developer community in mind. With the Middesk platform, extensive documentation and guides support a well-tailored solution to the needs of the broader team.

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