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The most timely EIN database lookup tool in the industry

Middesk’s Business Verification database gives you access to 91M business profiles updated every 2 hours straight from the source - state business registries.

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Business Profiles


Added in Q3

2 hours

Update frequency

50 state

Business registry connections

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What is an EIN search tool?

An EIN search tool is automated software that can search through an EIN database and verify the EIN (Employer Identification Number) of any business based on the information you provide about the business, such as the company name and the state in which you are looking.

A good EIN lookup database tool can also provide additional business verification information about the business, like the kind typically found in standard business verification documents.

How the EIN lookup tool works

Step 1

Enter the company name and the state where they conduct business

Step 2

Review the EIN lookup database results to verify which company matches your prospective customer

Step 3

Select the business you want to find the EIN number of

Step 4

Review the verified EIN, as well as any other business information you want to confirm like business license, articles of incorporation, etc.

Information you can get with our EIN search tool

Verifying EIN numbers likely means you need to verify other business information to start business with a new customer.

Middesk Business Verification Data Sources

Data You Can Access

What Do You Need to Know?

EIN / Business Tax ID

Is this the business they are claiming to be? Have they registered their business legally with the IRS and are in good standing?

Without a valid EIN number, you don’t actually know who you are doing business with, so this should be the first step of any business verification process.

Business name, address, & phone number

Do these match what they told me, and do they match across all SOS submissions and state filings? Are they conducting legal business in the state I’m trying to do business in?

Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)

Does this match who I know I need to deal with, and am I aware of who I’m truly doing business with?

Business license

Are these set up and in good standing with all local, state, and federal boards?

Business industry classification (NAICS, SIC)

Are they conducting the type of business they claim to be with me?

Business documents

Can I see their Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Good Standing to verify I should do business with them?

Liens & litigations

Are there any litigations or liens filed against this business I should be aware of?

Bankruptcy data

Has this business filed for bankruptcy, and are they a financial risk to me?

Watchlist hits & PEP screening

Are any people associated with this business on the OFAC Sanctions list, a PEP, or on any Watchlist where compliance would prevent me from doing business with them?

Applications of an automated EIN search tool

When conducting business verification, there are any number of reasons you might need to use an EIN verifier.


Join the modern onboarding experience by automating the customer journey and reducing onboarding friction with the automated approval process you can put in place from the automated EIN search tool. Get all the business information you need to open new accounts or approve business loans.

Insuring new customers

Approve more new business applications faster using accurate information, getting all the information you need to meet KYB and CIP regulatory compliance. The EIN search pulls in the information for all identity-related questions you have about your new customers.

Commercial bank account onboarding

Mitigate your front and back-end risk with instant access to all the information and documents required to open new commercial bank accounts for your customers. You can automatically source the supporting formation documents needed for your Customer Identification Program (CIP), and screen for sanctions at the same time you pull up an EIN number.


Make informed choices while giving your new customers the capital they need. The EIN search tool can establish signing authority by offering insights about the relationships between the business and its owners, can automatically source the formation documents you need, and can screen company leaders for sanctions - all in a matter of minutes.


When pulling up verified EINs, you can make sure the business applications to your marketplace don’t pose a fraud risk, and keep your brand and reputation intact in the process. Build trust in your marketplace as you maintain high standards of compliance within your marketplace members.


Using the EIN search tool, payments providers and Payment Service Processors (PSP) can instantly verify the legitimacy of your merchant customers before onboarding, keeping the trust present within your payments platform for all customers.

Accelerated customer onboarding made easy with EIN search

Know who you’re doing business with

A valid EIN ensures the business you’re onboarding is registered legally with the IRS.

Automate bulk EIN lookup database searches

If performing business verification is a regular task, automate bulk EIN and other validation lookups with a single tool, and run EIN database searches as many times as you want - all instantly.

Make confident onboarding decisions with verified information

The EIN and other critical business verification information offers the opportunity to make faster decisions, backed by real data.

Streamline business verification processes

Cut your time to validate significantly by pulling up all necessary information from one search, including business formation documents, UBOs, and liens data.

Build using our easy to integrate APIs, or get started with our dashboard

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What makes Middesk’s EIN search tool different?

Complete data

We have EIN data on 100% of registered businesses in the United States.

Data freshness

We prioritize data freshness, with 92% of our business records refreshed within the last 30 days.

Automatic notifications

We automatically notify you of changes to your customer base so you can also make fast decisions after onboarding

Manual reviews

If we can’t match the EIN of the business you’re looking for to our database, someone from our team will manually review your request within 5 minutes.

How Radius Bank finds more hours in the day with Middesk

“Every minute we’re able to save in processing loans is a minute faster than a small business will have access to the capital they need. With Middesk, what ordinarily would have taken us hours to do is now taking us minutes. We take pride in partnering with technology companies that help us serve our customers better.”

Kevin Walsh
Vice President | Decision Sciences

How Novo redefines its KYB process with Middesk’s verification product

“Middesk's market-leading methods challenge the established legacy approach to verification. Their product has unlocked significant efficiency, enhancing the onboarding experience for small businesses to access Novo. Middesk’s ground-up approach to product development played an integral part in increasing confidence in KYB, both internally and with partners.”

Anthony Jerkovic
Head of Data & Risk, Novo

Driving team efficiency and performance with Clearco

“Middesk's Lien Search product has allowed my team to focus on value-add activities like making deals rather than tedious tasks like sifting through UCC portals. My team is faster and happier with getting business owners the capital they need to grow their businesses.”

Ben Brideaux
General Manager

Leveling up Plaid’s onboarding process with seamless KYB

“When a customer signs up for Plaid, they want to start building on our APIs right away. Middesk has been a critical partner enabling us to quickly and seamlessly onboard new customers.”

Chris Campano
Risk Lead, Plaid

Frequently Asked Questions about EIN validation

Without an EIN database search, you can’t confirm you’re actually doing business with a company that has legally registered and is in good standing with the IRS.

Validating the EIN should be step one in a thorough business verification process, and making sure this is validated ensures all further verification you do isn’t wasted on a company that doesn’t really exist.

The data in the IRS EIN search tool comes from verified records of the IRS, and other state business filing databases (ex. Secretary of State).

When Middesk confirms an EIN from the search, this means the EIN validator has found a record with the IRS for the submitted TIN and Business Name combination.

Every state has its own records databases that update data at different times and inconsistently. With Middesk, a single search returns all records needed for all components of a comprehensive business verification process, meaning you can get the data from dozens of different sources all returned from one search.

What takes minutes with our EIN search tool could take hours running searches across other websites and tools.

Validate the EINs of prospective customers in seconds

Build using our easy to integrate APIs, or get started with our dashboard.