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Lien Filing

Save time with automated lien filing

File and terminate UCC liens through Middesk to simplify your business underwriting workflows

Reduce risk and time spent managing your liens

File and terminate liens with ease

Automatically file and terminate UCC liens in all 50 states to minimize the time spent on manual lien processes

Maintain your competitive edge

Opt-in to masked lien filing to block competitors from approaching your customers

Features of Lien Filing

File and terminate UCC liens all in one place

UCC Lien Filing

File UCC liens without extra effort from your team, with the ability to opt-in to masked lien filing

UCC Lien Termination

Terminate UCC liens directly through Middesk to simplify the management of your liens

UCC Lien Search to Reflect

Search to reflect that the lien has been successfully filed or terminated and retrieve associated UCC1 and UCC3 documents

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