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TIN Match

Reduce risk by validating TINs

Validate a business’ Tax Identification Number (TIN/EIN) to ensure it’s legitimate early in the funnel, all at a low cost


Business profiles


Secretary of State data pipelines


Of businesses updated in <10 days

Validate the TIN of a business

Reduce the risk of onboarding fraudulent businesses early in the funnel

Confirm the submitted TIN matches the business name. If it doesn't match, we’ll perform a series of lookups to identify alternate name possibilities

Screen businesses with accurate, first-party data

We verify TINs against data from the IRS and have multiple channels to offer faster retries than other providers

How TIN Match works


Confirm the business name and TIN with just 2 inputs

Enter the business name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)


Validate the TIN

In just a few seconds, we return whether the IRS has a record for the submitted Business Name & TIN combination


Enrich the business

Order additional information about the business, including SOS filing information, U.S. watchlist screening, and more

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