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An EIN lookup API for business verification with max coverage

Middesk’s EIN lookup API lets you instantly verify that a businesses’ tax ID and name match the record of the IRS.

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What is an EIN API?

An EIN API is an integration for AML compliance software. It allows the software to automatically find and verify the submitted Employment Identification Number and business name match the records of the IRS. All US businesses need an EIN from the IRS in order to legally operate.

Whether or not a business has a valid and unique EIN is a critical signal you can use to determine the legitimacy and risk profile of a business you wish to start (or maintain) a relationship with.

EIN Lookup API in Middesk

How the EIN Lookup API works

Creating a business object in Middesk API

Step 1

After obtaining your API key, create a Business using the “TIN” order type to have Middesk verify the EIN and business name.

Creating an order object in Middesk API

Step 2

We return results if the TIN and name match was able to be verified with the IRS.

EIN Match report in Middesk

Step 3

You can also order searches for other information you need on the business, and stay on top of changes related to your customer base with automated updates of changes in status, such as a bankruptcy filing or a new business lien.

An illustration of paper blowing of a stack of pages.

Information you can get using our EIN verification API

Needing to verify a business’ EIN and name likely means you need to verify other business information to start a relationship with a new customer.

Middesk Business Verification Data Sources

Data You Can Access

What Do You Need to Know?

EIN / Business Tax ID

Is the business registered to file taxes with the IRS, and is it using the correct tax ID number that was assigned to it?

Without a valid and unique EIN number, a business entity can’t operate legally in the US. So verifying this number should be the first step of any business verification process.

Business name, address, & phone number

Is this business legally allowed to conduct business in the state I’m trying to do business in, and were they upfront about their legal formation information?

People associated with a business

Did the business I want to form a relationship with provide me with correct information about their owner(s)?

Business license

Is this business operating legally and in good standing locally, within their state, and federally?

Business industry classification (NAICS, SIC)

What industry is this business in?

Business documents

Can I access Articles of Incorporation and other important documents to ensure this business is legitimate and real?

Liens & litigations

Is this business currently or previously involved in any litigations? Do they have any liens filed against them? Are there risks like this I need to know about?

Bankruptcy data

Can I search bankruptcy databases to ensure there are no financial risks to me by forming a relationship with this business?

Watchlist hits & PEP screening

Are any people associated with this business on a US sanctions list or other watchlist? Does this restrict or prohibit associating with the business?

Applications for an EIN lookup API

When conducting repeated business verification processes, there are any number of reasons you might need to use the Middesk EIN API.


Fintechs need to be agile to stay competitive, but agility shouldn’t come at the cost of risk management. An automated EIN verification API can verify tax ID and business names match the records of the IRS, while keeping onboarding friction to a minimum for them.

Insuring new customers

Before underwriting a new business customer, you need to know whether it’s a legitimately-operating business. The EIN API allows for retrieving a business’s tax registration information (if it exists) quickly to speed up the determination.

Commercial bank account onboarding

A business needs an EIN to open financial accounts that are separate from the owners’ personal ones. Looking up an EIN and business name with our API will quickly tell you if someone is actually representing a business that legitimately qualifies for a commercial bank account.


Be confident you’re lending capital to a business that actually qualifies for it. Use the EIN lookup API to ensure a business is properly registered with the IRS, quickly crossing off one potential risk factor for lending to that business.


Use the EIN API to check if businesses applying to be part of your marketplace are legally registered to operate in the US. Build a compliant commerce hub that lets in legitimate businesses and keeps out fake ones – winning the trust of users, regulators, and new applicants.

Payments platforms

Using the EIN search tool, paUsing the EIN API, you can assure payments providers and Payment Service Processors (PSP) that you’ve verified the legitimacy of your merchant customers before onboarding. This preserves the trust present within your payments platform for all customers.

Accelerated customer onboarding made easy with EIN API

Know you’re onboarding a legitimate business

A valid and unique EIN confirms that a business you’re onboarding is registered legally with the IRS.

Automate bulk EIN lookups

Run bulk searches of EINs and other business information with our API, as many times as you need. Handle regular business verification with ease.

Streamline business verification processes

The EIN API retrieves the relevant information instantly, saving you the time and other resources that would be spent verifying EIN numbers manually. Speed up onboarding even further by pulling up other business information with the same search, including basic registration data, business formation documents, and more.

Use information verified by official sources

Get EINs and other critical business verification information directly from the IRS and Secretary of State offices. Make faster decisions backed by trustworthy data.

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What makes Middesk’s EIN lookup API different?

Complete data

Our direct connections with the IRS allow us to cover all registered businesses in the United States.

Data freshness

We prioritize data freshness, with 92% of our business records updated within as little as 2 hours.

Automatic notifications

We automatically notify you of changes to information regarding your customers, so you can also make fast decisions after onboarding.

Manual reviews

If we can’t match the EIN of the business you’re looking for to our database, someone from our team will manually review your request within 5 minutes.

How Radius Bank finds more hours in the day with Middesk

“Every minute we’re able to save in processing loans is a minute faster than a small business will have access to the capital they need. With Middesk, what ordinarily would have taken us hours to do is now taking us minutes. We take pride in partnering with technology companies that help us serve our customers better.”

Kevin Walsh
Vice President | Decision Sciences

How Novo redefines its KYB process with Middesk’s verification product

“Middesk's market-leading methods challenge the established legacy approach to verification. Their product has unlocked significant efficiency, enhancing the onboarding experience for small businesses to access Novo. Middesk’s ground-up approach to product development played an integral part in increasing confidence in KYB, both internally and with partners.”

Anthony Jerkovic
Head of Data & Risk, Novo

Driving team efficiency and performance with Clearco

“Middesk's Lien Search product has allowed my team to focus on value-add activities like making deals rather than tedious tasks like sifting through UCC portals. My team is faster and happier with getting business owners the capital they need to grow their businesses.”

Ben Brideaux
General Manager

Leveling up Plaid’s onboarding process with seamless KYB

“When a customer signs up for Plaid, they want to start building on our APIs right away. Middesk has been a critical partner enabling us to quickly and seamlessly onboard new customers.”

Chris Campano
Risk Lead, Plaid

Frequently Asked Questions about EIN lookup APIs

An EIN is a type of tax identification number (TIN) issued by the IRS. By having one, a business proves it’s properly registered to file taxes with the IRS, hire employees, open commercial bank accounts, and exercise owner liability protection. In short, most businesses can’t legally operate in the US without an EIN.

Middesk checks EINs against the IRS (i.e. where EINs are issued from).

All EINs are 9-digit numbers and have a limited number of valid prefixes (i.e. first two numbers). The API will check for this formatting, then check whether the number matches with the given business name. If there is no exact match, the API will perform several subsequent lookups to determine if the EIN is registered to a business with a different (but potentially similar) name.

Potentially quite a bit! Consider that you may have to do multiple searches manually at the IRS, a Secretary of State office, or the SEC if you can’t get an exact EIN match on a business due to varying name formats (e.g. company titles, acronyms, abbreviations, or contractions). You can also try ordering a business credit report or asking the company directly to get an EIN, but this can take even longer. The EIN API eliminates all of this hassle by creating an automated queue of instantaneous searches at both the IRS and SOS offices.

All you need is an account with us here at Middesk, and the account’s corresponding API key. From there, you can submit an API request to create a “Business” object, which will store information verified about a particular business. With this request, you can also create an “Order” object to search for and verify the business’s EIN, based on information about the business you’ve already provided. All of this doesn’t take much more than a few minutes!

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EIN Lookup in Middesk API