🎉Middesk partners with Socure to automate KYB and KYC compliance processes end-to-end

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Simplify the process of opening commercial bank accounts

Accelerate customer onboarding with the data and documents required for automating Know Your Business (KYB) compliance

We help enterprise companies reduce risk and onboard customers faster
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The Problem

Opening commercial bank accounts is slow and inefficient. Relying on your customers for proof of documentary verification makes it a challenge to onboard new clients, especially in today’s environment.

The Solution

Middesk provides real-time access to the data and documents required for automating KYB and CIP regulatory compliance, mitigating front and backend risk.

Driving Impact

Digital account opening

Start the customer journey on the right foot by reducing friction and modernizing the onboarding process for new commercial accounts

Onboarding at scale

Minimize reliance on manual processes, allowing your team to focus on what’s most important—onboarding the right commercial customers, faster

Modern approach to risk

A holistic product experience allowing you to effortlessly implement the best practices from industry leaders in financial services

Middesk has 100% coverage of all businesses registered with any of the 50 Secretary of States

Solving problems

Identify your customers

Ensure you know who each of your customers are with our Verification solution

Automate formation documents

Documents automatically sources the supporting evidence you need for customer identification program (CIP)

Screen for sanctions

Watchlists allows you to automate Customer Due Diligence requirements by screening OFAC and other government watchlists

Validate beneficial owners

People helps you to understand more about the relationships between a business and its ownership

Modern API Solutions

Middesk's market leading methods challenge the established legacy approach to business verification. Their product has unlocked significant efficiency for Novo's operations. More importantly, it has enhanced the onboarding experience for small businesses to access Novo. Middesk’s ground up approach to the development of their product played an integral part in increasing confidence in our KYB process, both internally and with our partners.

Anthony Jerkovic

Head of Data & Risk | Novo
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