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Process and file payroll with peace of mind

Identify and verify new employers, set up payroll tax accounts, register with the Secretary of State, and manage government communications in all 50 states.

We help payroll platforms onboard customers faster and set up payroll tax accounts in all 50 states.
The Problem

Payroll platforms need to verify new employers to reduce risk. After onboarding them, when employers are late to register payroll tax accounts, payroll platforms pay through increased overhead. Until now, the only support available to most employers were pages of FAQs. As employers struggled through this process, platforms were forced to navigate customer noncompliance with tax agencies.

The Solution

Middesk allows platforms to provide one-click support for a legacy process by instantly verifying new employers and embedding tax registration services into your product. With a single integration, your customers can set up payroll tax accounts, register with the Secretary of State, and manage government communications.

Onboard customers faster

Minimize reliance on manual processes, allowing your team to focus on what's most important—onboarding the right customers, faster

Deliver a next-generation UX

Delight your customers by moving tax registration support out of FAQs and into a modern product experience.

Reduce filing errors

Reduce filing errors with the Secretary of State using Middesk’s compliance-as-a-service Tax API

Focus where it counts

Get accurate tax account information like periodic rate changes on-time, reducing your administrative burden.

Compliance peace of mind

Rely on our extensive experience with government agencies and requirements to handle registrations across all 50 states

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