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Reduce risk in your B2B relationships

Validate a business’ details and Secretary of State registration status to ensure the business is legitimate


Business profiles


Secretary of State data pipelines


Of businesses updated in <10 days

Confirm a business is legitimate

Quickly evaluate your business customers to reduce fraud

Confirm the submitted business name, address, and people match the business’ registration, and see SOS status and how long they’ve been in business

Confidently onboard with data on every business in the U.S.

Leverage our reliable, transparent, up-to-date data sources that cover 100% of Secretary of State registrations

Features of Qualify

Automate your onboarding with confidence

Business Name Match

Match the submitted name to the SOS filing

Address Match

Match the submitted address to the SOS, NPI, or FMCSA records

People Match

Match the submitted associated person to the SOS filing and return their title

SOS Status

Receive indication that at least one SOS filing (domestic or foreign) is active or unknown

Time in Business

Retrieve time in business ranges

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