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Build a modern onboarding experience

Automate compliance, simplify the customer journey, and approve more business applications.

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Break down barriers, simplify the customer journey, and make it easy for your customers to sign up.


Get all the info you need to automate KYB and CIP regulatory compliance and minimize risk.


Accelerate customer onboarding, approve more applications, and boost conversions for increased revenue.

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Whatever your product, we're the right fit

Financial services platforms

Streamline customer onboarding for your product or service with automated KYB compliance.

A Middesk screen showing form fields to add a new account.

Commercial accounts

Start the customer journey on the right foot by reducing friction and modernizing the process for new commercial accounts.

A Middesk screen showing a business loan information, including the business name and an amount of $100000.

Business loans

Accelerate a business’ access to capital with the required data and documents at your fingertips.

Level up your onboarding and help businesses grow

Minimize risk

Make sure you know each of your customers with complete and accurate information on 100% of businesses in the US.

Automate formation documents

Automatically source the supporting evidence you need for your Customer Identification Program (CIP).

Screen for sanctions

Automate Customer Due Diligence requirements by screening OFAC and other government watchlists.

Validate owners

Paint a clear picture of all the people associated with each business.

How Radius Bank finds more hours in the day with Middesk

“Every minute we’re able to save in processing loans is a minute faster than a small business will have access to the capital they need. With Middesk, what ordinarily would have taken us hours to do is now taking us minutes. We take pride in partnering with technology companies that help us serve our customers better.”

Kevin Walsh
Vice President | Decision Sciences

How Novo redefines its KYB process with Middesk’s verification product

“Middesk's market-leading methods challenge the established legacy approach to verification. Their product has unlocked significant efficiency, enhancing the onboarding experience for small businesses to access Novo. Middesk’s ground-up approach to product development played an integral part in increasing confidence in KYB, both internally and with partners.”

Anthony Jerkovic
Head of Data & Risk, Novo

Driving team efficiency and performance with Clearco

“Middesk's Lien Search product has allowed my team to focus on value-add activities like making deals rather than tedious tasks like sifting through UCC portals. My team is faster and happier with getting business owners the capital they need to grow their businesses.”

Ben Brideaux
General Manager

Leveling up Plaid’s onboarding process with seamless KYB

“When a customer signs up for Plaid, they want to start building on our APIs right away. Middesk has been a critical partner enabling us to quickly and seamlessly onboard new customers.”

Chris Campano
Risk Lead, Plaid

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