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Middesk x Socure

All-in-one compliance

We've partnered with the leading user identity verification platform, Socure, to seamlessly integrate the two components of identity verification required by B2B businesses: Know Your Business (KYB) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

A visualisation showing how Middesk and Socure work together to provide KYB and KYC verification.

KYB & KYC with a single integration

An office building illustration.

Comprehensive due diligence

Complete both KYB and KYC compliance checks with ease.

An illustration of a meter labeled risk with arrow pointing to low.

Reduced fraud

Know your customers’ risk profiles and reduce fraud and regulatory fines exposure.

An illustration showing documents being converted in to dollar notes.

Increased conversions

Vet hard-to-identify customers and onboard new customers quickly.

Minimize risk of fraud

Perform KYC and fraud checks on any individuals related to the business directly within the Middesk platform.

Validate business entities

Verify business entities and individuals associated with the business, such as Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).

A Middesk screenshot showing a Business's formation information including state and formation date.

Verify sole proprietorships

Route registered entities to KYB and sole proprietors to KYC — all through a single API integration.

For Developers

Easy-to-use APIs, single dashboard

Build using our easy-to-integrate APIs, or get started with our dashboard.

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