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Business Underwriting

Tools that help you underwrite faster

Middesk sources first-party data and automates lien filing to help underwriters get business data faster. Review public records — liens, litigations, and bankruptcies — through the dashboard or API.

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Assess risk with comprehensive underwriting features

A Middesk screen showing information on a UCC filing.

Lien Search

Get a complete view of UCC and tax lien origination details, amendments, and history. We extract document information and interpret collateral types, reducing manual analysis.

A Middesk screen prompting a use to file a lien.

Lien Filing

Automatically file and terminate UCC forms in every state without extra effort from your team. Opt in to masked lien filing to block competitors from approaching your customers.

A Middesk screen showing a bankruptcy filing.


Review a business’ bankruptcy filings to see the case proceedings, including the debtor, trustee, court details, case number, chapter, sequence of case updates, and more.

A Middesk screen showing an active litigation filing between to companies.


See insights into any entity with judgments and active litigations — including case ID, jurisdiction, case type, and more.

A Middesk screen showing how business can be monitored with the platform.


Track changes to a business' status with monitoring for ongoing compliance.

A Middesk screen showing prohibited business types.

Industry Classification

Identify entities operating in "prohibited" industries with a set of classifications.

More accuracy,
less time, faster onboarding

Close customers faster with a clear view of a business’ active liens. And file liens against that business with Middesk’s Underwriting solution.

A Middesk screen showing a view of a business's active liens.

Workflows that
work for you

Save countless hours by pulling data directly into your Loan Origination System (LOS) without sifting through documents or switching portals.

A visualisation showing how Middesk can simplify workflows.


Be confident that you're searching for liens, litigations, and bankruptcies on the right business, and forget about using multiple data aggregators for wider coverage. We only show the most relevant information and present it in an easy-to-read format.

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A Middesk screen showing judgement information from a litigation case between two companies.
For Developers

Easy-to-use APIs, single dashboard

Build using our easy-to-integrate APIs, or get started with our dashboard.

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