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May 16, 2023

Announcing Our Partnership with Rutter

Kaylie Hodge

Middesk & Rutter launch strategic partnership to help lenders make intelligent, swift decisions 

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Middesk and Rutter. Together, our modern API-first solutions will help the fastest growing fintechs launch new lending products and streamline underwriting decisions.

The Problem

For lenders, it’s hard enough to gain a complete and accurate understanding of a business – let alone accomplish it within seconds.

  • It’s hard to access the data: Good lending decisions require the use of financial data, government information, and other public records. This data is scattered across systems, ranging from state portals, customer systems, and a myriad of other sources.  
  • The data often lacks quality: Data is often incomplete or inaccurate, and resolving these discrepancies introduces friction with customers and additional overhead.
  • Using the data is cumbersome: Stitching together the data and tools required to understand the risk profile of a business is difficult. Lenders often sidestep potentially valuable data sets and their underwriters frequently become substitutes for bad technology.

Because of these challenges, lenders risk missing out on viable customers and are frequently faced with the trade-off between scaling up a large operations team and growth.

How We Help

Middesk and Rutter offer modern APIs and high quality data to enable fintechs to quickly launch new lending products. With Rutter and Middesk, you can better understand the holistic profile of a business and accelerate your lending workflows. 

  • Middesk’s Business Identity platform streamlines KYB/KYC checks, surfaces state registration information, and makes it easy to understand the liens, bankruptcies, and litigations tied to a business.
  • Rutter’s Universal APIs help you understand the true financial risk profile of your customers by stitching together data from accounting systems, commerce platforms, and payment processors.  

Together, we make it easier for fintechs like Mercury to make intelligent and swift lending decisions.

"We are thrilled to partner with Middesk,” says Peter Zhou, CEO of Rutter. “By using Middesk, our customers can now easily automate their business identity onboarding and underwriting workflows, saving valuable time and resources, and then use Rutter’s APIs to further understand the overall health of a business.”

“We're excited to collaborate with Rutter to simplify fintech lending processes. Assessing the financial risk of small businesses can be challenging. However, Rutter's ability to combine accounting information with financial data like real-time sales performance will empower our customers to lend with confidence,” says Kyle Mack, CEO of Middesk.  

To learn more, reach out to [email protected]

About Middesk

Middesk is the leading business identity platform. With Middesk’s identity-as-a-service APIs, businesses can verify, underwrite, and enable their customers to grow their businesses. Middesk’s current customers include Plaid, Pipe, BlueVine, Mercury Bank, Divvy, Tesla, as well as large banks and lenders.

For more information, visit middesk.com.

About Rutter

Rutter is a Universal API for reading and writing data across various accounting systems, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, POS platforms, payment processors and more. Rutter makes it easy to connect to platforms like Quickbooks, NetSuite, Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Walmart, Square, etc. to power workflows in business underwriting and financing, expense management, AP & AR automation, multi-channel management, and more. Rutter works with leading fintechs like Ramp, Mercury, Airwallex, Parafin, Payoneer and more. Rutter has raised over $27M to date from top investors like a16z.

Visit rutter.com to learn more. 

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