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Speeding Up Digital Lending with Novel Data Sources and Modern APIs

Digital lending is becoming more competitive, with new players launching commercial banking products every day. Winners like Ramp are designing experiences to onboard new customers in <10 mins, while effectively managing their compliance and underwriting risk.

With more companies launching commercial banking products, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to design experiences that allow you to win customers while managing your compliance and underwriting risk. Modern APIs are unlocking new opportunities for fintechs to access novel, high quality data sources, and streamline workflows.  

Join Srinath Srinivasan (Head of Risk at Ramp), Jay Patel (Product Partnerships Lead at Middesk), Abigail Grills (Product Manager at Middesk), and Prathik Naidu (Product Lead at Rutter) as they discuss how:

  • Digital lending for businesses is heating up - and the winners are using modern APIs to stay ahead
  • New data sources can help you make faster decisions and uncover the true risk profile of a business
  • Automating your onboarding and lending decisions is becoming table-stakes for delivering a good customer experience 

Watch webinar
Watch webinar


Jay Patel
Product and Partnerships Lead, Middesk
Sri Srinivasan
Head of Risk, Ramp
Abby Grills
Product Manager, Middesk
Prathik Naidu
Product Lead, Rutter

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