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Liminal Research: The dynamic market of Business & Entity Verification solutions

Uncover insights into the core components of BEV, challenges driving market demands, and strategies for calculating ROI. Elevate your operations with advanced solutions.

Effective Business & Entity Verification (BEV) Solutions can raise SMB pass rates by 25% and reduce onboarding abandonment by 9.6% according to the latest research by Liminal, the leading digital identity strategy firm. 

“The future of the Business & Entity Verification solutions market requires precision and agility,” affirms Liminal Managing Director Will Charnley. “Banks and Fintechs want robust, real-time solutions that surpass regulatory standards and empower secure, seamless operations. Our research shows a market ripe for innovation, where advanced BEV solutions are preferred and essential.”

In this latest research, Liminal explores the total addressable market of BEV providers and explores the customer benefits.

Key takeaways: 

  • An explanation of the core components of BEV and how they improve the customer experience and reduce manual reviews
  • A thorough review of the challenges, causes, and customer demands that are driving the BEV market today
  • An analysis of the key drivers of the market demands for BEV for FIs and Fintechs
  • An outline for how FIs and Fintech can calculate ROI for BEV providers and an example process flow for business onboarding

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