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Business Verification

Automate KYB and step up onboarding

Get a complete and accurate view of your customers and automate KYB compliance for faster onboarding.

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Smooth onboarding,
higher conversions

Accelerate onboarding, approve more business applications, and stay ahead of the competition — all while reducing fraud and staying compliant.

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Less paper, more work. Focus on higher-value tasks

Focus on more important work by automating KYB. If we're unable to match a business to our database, we'll have someone from our team review your request in 5 minutes.

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Decisions made clear as data

Get automatically notified of any changes to your customer base, and make more informed decisions during and after onboarding.

See the bigger picture

Get complete, up-to-date information on 100% of registered businesses


Automate KYB compliance with data at your fingertips


Automatically approve businesses to align with your policies across key dimensions – such as business name, office address, watchlists, TIN, and more.

Business Registration

Get an accurate, up-to-date view of your customers’ entity names, addresses, which states they’re registered in, and the status of those registrations.

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Tax Identification Number (TIN) Verification

Verify that the TIN is valid and matches the name. If it doesn't match, we’ll perform a series of lookups to identify alternate name possibilities.

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Watchlists Screening

Check business names and people against government sanctions watchlists, including OFAC.

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People Matching

Paint a clear picture of all the people associated with each business, including the identity of:

Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).

Adverse Media

Screen for adverse media related to a business and associated people to automatically identify high-risk entities

Enhanced Screenings

Perform comprehensive screening against U.S. and global watchlists, sanctions, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) for the business and associated people to combat financial crimes and lower risk exposure

A Middesk screen showing prohibited business types.

Industry Classification

Identify entities operating in "prohibited" industries with a set of classifications.


Automatically retrieve documents (like Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Good Standing) associated with each business.

Web Presence

Get a detailed overview of the Web Presence of an entity, including the status of their website, links to social profiles, and the identification of pages like Terms of Service.


Get insights into any entity with judgments and active litigations — including case ID, jurisdiction, case type, and more.


Track changes to a business' status with monitoring for ongoing compliance.


Review a business’ bankruptcy filings to see the case proceedings, including the debtor, trustee, court details, case number, chapter, sequence of case updates, and more.

Socure Integration

Automate KYB and KYC compliance with a single integration

Verify the identity of UBOs
For Developers

Easy-to-use APIs, single dashboard

Build using our easy-to-integrate APIs, or get started with our dashboard.

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