Tax Registrations made easy with Asure PTM

Scale payroll registrations across states and deliver a better product experience for your customers by automating everything with Asure PTM.

Accounts dashboard

Streamline customer experiences

Maintain high customer satisfaction by moving away from help center articles and FAQs.

Find efficiences

Let Asure PTM take on the burden of communicating with state agencies and navigating differences in state compliance requirements to save money and reduce operational overhead.

Unlock growth

Focus on core initiatives and use Asure PTM to navigate state compliance differences. We have extensive experience working across state agencies with 2,500+ successful registrations to date.

Scale payroll tax registrations

Set up state unemployment and withholding accounts for your customers in minutes instead of days. Our easy-to-use dashboard enables you to filter, search, and pull up customer accounts easily.

Customer pricing

Asure PTM creates withholding and unemployment tax accounts in any state. Asure PTM also helps to foreign qualify businesses in states where it's necessary for payroll tax registrations: NJ, NM, MO, and VT.

For information on pricing, please contact your Asure PTM representative.