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Jan 8, 2023

Auto-approve more businesses with Policies

Andrea Hong

Middesk’s Verification solution provides the tools needed for our customers to seamlessly onboard business applicants.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Policies, a new feature that allows you to set parameters to auto-approve businesses within the Middesk platform. This can enable you to save hours of manual work by configuring a set of policy rules that meet your compliance and onboarding requirements.

Policies make implementing with Middesk even easier and simplifies your integration management. Policies also minimize human errors, as the approval process is automated and no longer requires manual intervention.

Faster, simpler integration management

Policies give your risk and compliance managers tools to set auto-approval rules without changing your integration or waiting for developer capacity.

Configure your policies to meet compliance and onboarding requirements across key dimensions – such as business name, office address, watchlist, TIN, and more. If a business meets your policies, the business will be auto-approved and we’ll share Insights underlying the approval. If a business does not pass auto-approval, we will still surface Insights tied to the business to assist your team in reviewing the business and making an onboarding decision.

Example auto-decision logic with Policies

How to get started

Policies is currently available in beta (at no additional charge). API customers and dashboard users with admin permissions can opt-in to Policies through the Middesk dashboard.

To try out Policies, log in to your dashboard and navigate to Settings. Next, click on Policies, where you can turn Policies on or off and edit your auto-approval rules by selecting from a dropdown menu of Insights. Not sure what policies to set for your compliance program? Explore our default set of policies, which provides sample auto-decision logic based on what some other Middesk customers use to meet CIP requirements. If you’re using our API, you can learn more about implementing Policies in our docs. Contact your Account Manager or reach out to our team if you’d like to discuss your specific use case.

If you’re a new customer interested in learning how Middesk can help you auto-approve more businesses, contact us here.

All Middesk services are subject to the Middesk Terms of Service. Beta services may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

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