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Jan 9, 2023

Product Updates: Q4 2022

Kurt Ruppel
Co-Founder and CTO

In 2022, we launched new features across Middesk’s Verification, Underwriting, and Payroll Tax Registration & Compliance solutions making it easier for our customers to build trust with other businesses. We accelerated KYB verifications, making it faster for Middesk’s Identity customers to verify their commercial businesses with confidence. We launched Lien Search & Filing and Litigations, helping lenders streamline their underwriting process for thousands of businesses. And we more than doubled the number of successful tax registrations across states for individual businesses and payroll platforms with our Agent product.

Read about everything we recently shipped in Q4 below:

Q4 Verification Updates

Easier Auto-Approvals with Policies
Mapping business insights to auto-approval decisions is now even easier when verifying a company with Middesk. You can now automatically approve businesses via the API or dashboard by configuring the decisioning criteria to align with your policies across key dimensions – such as business name, office address, watchlist, TIN, and more.

Example of an auto-approved business using Policies

Read more about how Policies can help you auto-approve more businesses in our recent blog post. To opt-in, your Admins can log in to your dashboard, navigate to Settings, and click on Policies. If you’re using our API, you can learn more about the implementation in our docs.

New Input in Business Order Form: Add Formation State
You can now submit a business’ formation state when ordering a business. This is an optional matching criteria, but helps improve the likelihood that the correct registrations are returned (docs).

New Input in Business Order Form: Add DBA Names
You can now submit a DBA (Doing Business As) name for Watchlists screening when ordering a business. This helps customers required to run DBAs against watchlists meet their compliance requirements (docs).

New Report Type: Industry
When ordering a business through your dashboard, you now have the ability to order industry information as a standalone report. An Industry Report returns a set of classifications to help you identify entities operating in “prohibited” industries and enforce your policies. To order an Industry Report, click on Order a Business, update the “Order Type” to Industry Report and submit the requested business information.

Enhanced Business List Filters
We’ve expanded the ability to filter your business list based on key insights (business name, office address, people, TIN match, watchlist, etc.) to more easily find businesses in the dashboard. You can also now export your filtered views directly from the dashboard.

New Onboarding Walkthrough
When you add teammates to your company’s dashboard, they’ll now see helpful onboarding content when they first sign in to the dashboard – along with a training video that shows how to use the dashboard effectively.

New Onboarding walkthrough

Q4 Underwriting Updates

New Lien Filing Dashboard Experience
Empower your team with an easy-to-use, 2-click Lien Filing process directly in your Middesk dashboard. Once a UCC lien is successfully filed to the state, view your UCC liens and terminate as necessary. To request access to Lien Filing in your dashboard, contact your Account Manager.

New Lien Filing Feature: Search to Reflect
After you file a UCC lien on a business via the API or dashboard, use Middesk to automatically confirm the lien was successfully filed and obtain the corresponding UCC document. This saves your team from having to manually search the UCC portal to confirm a successful filing. To enable Search to Reflect in your Lien Filing, contact your Account Manager.

Q4 Payroll Tax Registration & Compliance Updates

New for Platforms: Faster Business Onboarding and Tax Registrations
Businesses can now register without creating an Agent account. You can indicate the customer contact, specify which states need registrations, and send a registration link to get started. Once a business has successfully submitted a registration, they can create an account to further manage their compliance.

New for Platforms: Streamlined View of Individual Businesses
You can now more seamlessly navigate the experience of a customer and view an individual business’ dashboard – all within the same tab. This enables you to quickly dive into an account to check state statuses or pull information such as an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

New for Platforms: Custom attribution across Agent accounts
When adding a new business to Agent, you can populate an external_id to tie back to your internal tracking. This allows you to easily reference the partner dashboard to identify tagged customers and ensure continuity in tracking.

Understand State Agency Downtimes
You can now view live updates that impact the turnaround time of your registration. State agency downtimes can now be viewed on the dashboard when placing an order.

Next Steps

Have any questions or feedback? Interested in trying out one of our products, or want to discuss your specific use case? If you’re a new customer, contact our team to learn more. If you’re an existing customer, get in touch with your Account Manager or reach out to [email protected].

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