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Jul 19, 2023

Product Updates: Q2 2023

Kurt Ruppel
Co-Founder and CTO

1.35M newly-formed businesses added in Q2

Last quarter, we added 1.35M newly-formed businesses through our pipelines to Secretary of State data and increased our address coverage by 2 percentage points to improve our customers’ auto-approval rates. Plus, our team invested in improving the dashboard experience to enable more flexible and efficient workflows for our customers. Learn more about everything we shipped last quarter below:

Q2 Business Verification Updates

Improved business orders for increased flexibility
Use our redesigned dashboard to easily place Business Verification orders on a business for the first time or add another order to an existing business. To place new orders to existing businesses in review, choose a business in your dashboard and click on Place Order in the top right corner to order Documents, Liens, Litigations, Industry Classification, and more. All orders will be grouped together under the business’ “Orders” tab for an easy audit trail and to enable more efficient workflows.

Directly manage who’s the default assignee for business reviews
Admins can save time by updating the default assignee of your account directly in your Middesk dashboard. Navigate to your Settings and click on Team to see who your default assignee is and easily make updates. Your team list is presented alphabetically. Learn more in our docs.

KYC document verification with Socure and Middesk
Customers can order Socure’s Document Verification to confirm the authenticity of a government-issued ID and to verify extracted PII details against information submitted by a business. By enabling this module within Middesk, customers can easily optimize their end-to-end KYB and KYC workflow in one solution. To enable the feature, connect with your Account Manager and learn more in our docs.

Q2 Underwriting Updates

Get UCC documents with lien terminations
When you terminate a lien through Middesk, you’ll get access to the UCC3 Lien Termination document. Now you can get relevant documents for both UCC Filings and UCC3 Terminations all in one place in your dashboard. Review our docs to learn how to terminate a lien using our API.

Q2 Payroll Compliance Updates

Invitations to other businesses
For partners, we made it even easier to invite other businesses to complete payroll registrations. Send a custom registration link to another business and anyone can get started on completing it. You can view and access the registration link right from your Dashboard under Requested registrations to share the link and track registrations by State, Order Type, and Status. We will still require account creation and log-in to access account information. Start inviting businesses on your own today. 

Detailed processing states
From the Entity Management Dashboard, we introduced more granular statuses and a timeline view to give you more visibility into the status of registrations. With new tooltips, you can review information on whether you are waiting on Middesk or the Government for updates. You are also able to distinguish between registrations for Unemployment and Witholdings separately to track progress.

Have questions or feedback?

If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your Account Manager or submit your thoughts through the “Leave feedback” channel in your dashboard. If you’re new to Middesk, you can contact our sales team to learn more.

Check out our new documentation on API Changes and Release Notes to stay up to date on technical updates to our API.

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