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Apr 17, 2023

Product Updates: Q1 2023

Kurt Ruppel
Co-Founder and CTO

Last quarter, our team was busy working on a number of product improvements, including:

  • Scaling the performance of existing features like TIN Match, resulting in uptime improvements
  • Expanding simulated workflows across a business’ formation type, TIN Matching, Litigations, and Lien Filing and Termination to make it easier to integrate with Middesk
  • Giving you the ability to authenticate webhooks using Mutual Transport Layer Security and to add IDs in webhook headers to debug and correlate requests (docs)
  • Allowing you to restrict access to the Middesk dashboard and API for a specific set of IP addresses (docs)
  • Advancing our Policies product so that it now supports multiple configurations to set custom criteria and automate business decisions

Learn more about everything we shipped last quarter below:

Q1 Verification Updates

Better Visibility into TIN Service Outages
We reduced the effects of IRS outages on our TIN Match service, included more details in our dashboard to signal when the IRS is down, and built a TIN Match Service Availability endpoint–enabling you to check IRS availability in real-time (docs).

New Insight for TIN Match
We added an optional insight when TIN Match is “Not Found” to signal if it’s because the TIN has not been issued by the IRS (docs). In this case, the IRS database may still be processing the TIN, and there is often a delay after formation specifically for new businesses.

New Report Type in the Middesk Dashboard: TIN
Customers can order TIN Match as a standalone report in the dashboard. A TIN Report returns the TIN and entity name match status and whether it belongs to the submitted entity or other known entities. To order a TIN Report, click on Order a Business, update the “Order Type” to TIN Report and submit the requested business information.

Enforce Multiple Policies
Earlier this year, we launched Policies, a new beta feature that allows you to set auto-decision logic within the Middesk platform to meet your specific compliance and onboarding requirements. You can now configure multiple Policies, see the applied Policies logic in a business’ event log, and set auto-reject logic to save you even more time on manual reviews (docs). To opt-in or edit your auto-decision logic, visit Policies in your dashboard Settings.

New Primary Address Data Source
We added NPPES NPI Registry data to increase coverage of HIPAA-covered entities and improve address match rates for our customers. To opt-in or opt-out of specific data sources, go to Address Sources in your dashboard Settings or reach out to us to learn more (docs).

Automatically Retrieve Secretary of State Documents
With Documents, you can select from Articles of Incorporation and Certificates of Good Standing to verify a business with documentary evidence. We’ve extended coverage across more states to return documents in minutes. Navigate to Documents in the dashboard or submit a Document Order via our API (docs). Learn more in our blog.

KYC Orders in the Middesk Dashboard
When ordering a Business Report in the dashboard, you can also perform KYC checks to easily verify the identity of submitted individuals related to the business. Reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected] to enable this feature for all-in-one KYB and KYC compliance. Learn more in our blog.

SOS Sub-Status Details
Customers have greater visibility into a business’ Secretary of State standing with sub-status details surfaced in the dashboard and API (docs) and a new optional SOS domestic sub-status insight (docs). You can now apply the sub-status results for the domestic registration to your Policies to further reduce risk and enforce compliance requirements.

Additions to the Sandbox Environment
You can check the formation entity type of a business (Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Trust, Agent, or Nonprofit) and test match results for EIN verification against submitted people. See other example scenarios and business attributes available in the Sandbox environment in our docs.

Increased Transparency in Business Results
When reviewing business results, you can now see the data sources used to verify a business name and address in PDF reports, the status of business decisions in PDF reports, and whether a business was auto-approved or manually approved in downloaded CSVs.

Improved People Matching Logic
When matching a submitted name to a Secretary of State registration, we consider possible nicknames with similar spelling and whether a middle name is present to ensure high-quality matches.

Expanded Single Sign-On Support
You can provide secure, password-less authentication when integrating with Middesk. We offer support across a wide range of identity providers, including SAML 2.0, Okta, OpenID Connect, and more to authenticate users to Middesk. Reach out to your Account Manager or [email protected] to enable this feature.

Q1 Underwriting Updates

Lien Filtering in the Dashboard
We’ve included a new filter called “Liens Filed by Middesk” to help you easily scan businesses with lien filings. Once you’ve applied the filter in the dashboard, you can also export the list as a CSV.

Sandbox Environment for Underwriting
When integrating with our Underwriting products, you can complete API testing in Sandbox to create an experience as close to production as possible. We added new support for webhook simulation of our Lien Filing and Termination workflow. In addition, the Lien Search result will include sample data for documents, collateral type, and liability information. You also now have the ability to make mock Litigation orders without disclosing sensitive data (docs).

Q1 Payroll Tax Registration & Compliance Updates

Opt-In to Purchasing Foreign Qualifications
When completing tax registrations, you can choose to opt-in or opt-out of registering with the Secretary of State with Middesk, for the 12 states where this is a prerequisite for tax registration. We now support a one-time tax registration service, where you pay per registration and per foreign qualification (if you opt-in). State Unemployment and Witholdings can also be ordered separately in our new unbundled offering. Ongoing Registered Agent services are available for a yearly subscription.

For Partners: Bulk Orders and Downloads for Tax Information
Partners can initiate thousands of payroll tax orders by uploading a formatted CSV containing a business’ contact and general information. Once orders are fulfilled, partners can download tax information via a CSV to easily retrieve information from Middesk without engineering work.

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