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Apr 18, 2024

Product Updates: Q1 2024

Kurt Ruppel
Co-Founder and CTO

Say ‘yes’ to businesses, faster

Last quarter, we improved our turnaround time by 68% and enabled reordering so you can verify your business customers at any point in their lifecycle, faster. Plus, we introduced our comprehensive screening product, Enhanced Screenings, to help you combat financial crimes and lower risk exposure.

Learn more about everything we shipped in Q1 below:

Q1 Business Verification & Underwriting Updates

Example results from Enhanced Screenings

Combat financial crimes with Enhanced Screenings (in beta)
Identify risk exposure early on and streamline the evaluation process by performing comprehensive screening against U.S. and global watchlists, sanctions, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) with our Enhanced Screenings add-on. Connect with us if you’re interested in using the product, and learn more in our blog post and docs.

Get results faster
As a result of ongoing efforts to expand our data coverage, we've improved our turnaround time by 68%.

Example reordering flow

Refresh your understanding of a business
Reverify a business’ identity and reorder Adverse Media, Enhanced Screenings, TIN Match, Bankruptcy Search, UCC Lien Search, and Federal & State Tax Lien Search via the dashboard and API to retrieve up-to-date information on your business customers (docs).

New dashboard side menu

Easier navigation in the dashboard
We’ve introduced a new side menu, making it easier for you to navigate throughout the dashboard. Plus, you can now create and delete API keys directly from the dashboard.

Example business exports

Export large lists of businesses
You can now export over 1,000 businesses at a time and view all previous exports in the dashboard side menu. We’ll send you an email once your large export is ready to download.

Filter your business list by date
To make it easier to find the correct Businesses or export a subset of Businesses, you can now filter by date in the dashboard and the API List all Businesses endpoint.

File liens under multiple secured parties
Customers can now use different secured parties under one account when filing a lien via our API.

Q1 Payroll Compliance Updates

Collect Tax IDs from employers
Gathering tax account IDs for onboarding employers can be onerous and delay the first payroll run. We now allow employers, who already have tax accounts with an agency, to provide their tax IDs and rates in the Middesk application form. This will speed up the onboarding process for and help payroll providers run payroll faster.

Better access and visibility to agency email
We now can allow both the partner and employer access to incoming email. For partners and employers working together to access state tax agency accounts, this feature enables the ability to access important emails and updates (for example, the ability to enable MFA/2FA for tighter security depends on access to an inbox).

Have questions or feedback?

If you’re an existing customer, reach out to our support team. If you’re new to Middesk, you can contact our sales team to learn more.

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