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Oct 18, 2023

Product Updates: Q3 2023

Kurt Ruppel
Co-Founder and CTO

We just passed 100M business records!

Last quarter, our team revamped our machine-learning models to improve our ability to match business names and office addresses to submitted businesses – resulting in a 1.3% boost in auto-approval rates. Plus, we added 1M newly-formed businesses through our pipelines to Secretary of State data. Learn more about everything we shipped last quarter below:

Q3 Business Verification & Underwriting Updates

Workflow automation with Middesk
Automate data enrichment and exception handling by automating workflows via Policies (docs). Workflow triggers can be based on specific insights, policy results, or business status outcomes. Based on your configured ruleset, you can automatically assign a business to someone on your team to review, place a new order, or auto-approve or auto-reject a business.

Verification of entity types
Submit a business’ entity type (LLC, Corporation, etc.) via API to verify whether the business name and entity type match the information on a business’ SOS registration to improve business name match rates (docs).

Introducing People Bankruptcy Search (in Beta)
In addition to returning comprehensive bankruptcy data on businesses, you can now retrieve bankruptcy data on individuals. By submitting their full name and the last 4 digits of their SSN, you’ll be able to retrieve the individuals’ bankruptcy data via API. Start using the beta product by connecting with our team.

Reorder Business Verification, Lien Search, and Business Bankruptcy Search on a business
Reverify a business via the dashboard and API to ensure they are still in compliance (docs). You can also reorder Lien Search and Business Bankruptcy Search on existing businesses, making it easier to detect changes to UCC, Federal, and State Tax Liens and Business and People Bankruptcies (docs). Use the order.created and the order.updated webhook events to easily track the status of orders on a business (docs). To enable reordering, reach out to your Account Manager.

Prevent duplicate business orders
Specify a unique ID that identifies and prevents duplicate business orders by adding the unique_external_id field to the Business API endpoints (Create a Business, Update a Business, List All Businesses). If your team accidentally places another business order with the same unique ID, the API will return an error message – helping you reduce costs and internal processes on duplicate orders.

Q3 Payroll Compliance Updates

Streamlined partner dashboard
The partner dashboard has been completely redesigned, enabling you to see and resolve action items with one click. You can also see an indexed view of all government accounts that belong to employers, as well as group them by employer or government account.‍

Improved onboarding flow
We made improvements to the partner onboarding experience, making integration with our API faster and easier.

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